Happiness, Awe and Surprise



Crossing borders over the next 5 years,
10 years and beyond

Daito Kasei came into this world nearly 70 years ago. During this time, there have been a couple things we have always valued. First is the feeling of family, as we are all on the same boat pursuing the same goals. Next is a basic spirit of honesty and humility and openly taking on unprecedented challenges.
The more challenges we undertake, however, the more difficulties we encounter. The Daito Kasei that exists today, then, is the cumulative result of never giving up until a challenge has been overcome.
We now have numerous colleagues in China and France who also like the Daito Kasei we have become. In the next 5 to 10 years, we hope to continue increasing the number of partners and colleagues we have across all borders of the world.

Who we are looking for

The legendary professional batting coach Michihiro Takahata listed 7 Conditions for
Success that people looking to grow commonly shared.
These attitudes are important to tackling any job.

  • To be honest with oneself and others
  • To be relentlessly curious
  • To be persistent and exhibit fortitude
  • To be prepared
  • To be meticulous
  • To pay careful attention
  • To be able to articulate dreams and set high goals

In addition, those who perform well
at Daito Kasei share the following features.


If you have the will to never give up,
you will create your own fortune.
We look forward to meeting and working with
those who don’t know what it means to give up.

Voice of employees

daito kasei

See your need, fill your need

My job is mostly about coordination. I have to guarantee that the customers, especially the key customers, have all the information they need. I visit mostly R&D labs to see their need and fill their need. I manage part of our network of distributors who are the local representatives of our group and I make sure they represent our values. We also attend to fairs to receive the customers to update their needs and show our latest developments and launches. All my work is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers while keeping in mind the targets to follow, to ensure our global growth.

Very rewarding and polyvalent, I love my job as a full coordinator for my customers

I love my job as it fits perfectly to my personality: very polyvalent as it requires skills from several fields while combining my passion for the cosmetics industry. I have to deal with many parts of the development process which is very enriching. I like coordinating various parameters and I like to satisfy the customers in time. As we have a global presence and international partners, I also love being in contact with so many different cultures, from Japan to South America. I speak 4 languages everyday!

Inspiring values and motivating driving force!

I love my company. Our pillars and values are very inspiring and represent a true driving force to work everyday. Daito Kasei dedicates its technical expertise to serve and support our customer's innovation. Being a human-size group, everyone is a strength, everyone finds its place and plays its part in our global growth. We are one big family with many cultures driven by our Japanese DNA!

Beyond the Global Standard

I am in charge of the regulatory department in France and since last year of the CSR actions. I prepare and maintain product information files and ensure the regulatory information is accurate. I provide regulatory information to clients and colleagues. I identify regulatory changes that could impact our activities. I am working with the other CSR coordinators to define and develop the strategies which underpin our CSR objectives (come up with ideas, develop policies, …).

Stimulating working environment

I continuously learn new things and truly enjoy the people that I work with. This job give me the opportunity to learn and work on a wide range of projects.

Amazing place to work

It’s been 5 years that I have been working in DAITO KASEI and it is really a great place to work. It is a dynamic human-size company working in an international environment which allow the employees to develop their skills. The working environment can be described as exciting, challenging, interesting and inspiring. I am very proud to be a part of DAITO KASEI.

I am very happy excited to generate new cosmetics formulas

I'm responsible for the application laboratory in Daito Kasei Europe. I develop with my team new cosmetic formulations. I do new textures and applications by using raw materials developed by DKK. This formulations help the sale service to promote our products in cosmetic companies. We organize trainings with customers in collaboration with sale service to give formulations advices for using our raw materials.

Multi-purpose job with multi-cultural people

Yes, of course because DKK is an international company known all over the world. I can meet multi-cultural people and it allows me to understand the cosmetics trends in different countries. My job is not at all boring because I have a lot of missions ( make-up and skincare formulations, development of new raw materials). Everyday, my job change. we are in contact with all services in DKE and R&D and application lab in DKK. Every year we work with an new employed coming from japan, it's very interesting for us.

I can enjoy a lot of opportunities everyday

Daito kasei is a very good company with an open mind. This company gives me a lot of opportunities to improve my knowledges. There is a good cooperation between the different subsidiaries. The company's size is medium that's why it can keep its reactivity to respond to the customers and to be innovative.

Making Amusement Park!

To introduce my work place, I would say, it's like Disney Land! In fact, DAITO KASEI INDUSTRIES FRANCE (DKIF) is a first overseas manufacturing branch for Daito Kasei group. My job in DKIF is to manage the entire factory in order to supply French made products with maintaining Daito quality to European and South American customers. At the same time, it's my job to consider to be more sophisticated our technology and an enlargement our factory to realize more than 100% satisfaction to our customers. My job is creating a wonderful park here in France.

Making me powerful!

I like my job more than others. I am still on the way road to be an appropriate person for my job with a great load of responsibility. Thanks to my job, even I became over 50 years old, I have many goals that I want to achieve. Particularly I want to speak French more fluently. I want to be a person who can work all over the world. I want to acquire special knowledge outside of my field, etc. etc.. My job always pushes me up to the next stage, and I am proud of my job very much. I believe that "If not me, then who?"

Place making my body and my heart!

Daito Kasei is the place where everybody can have a chance. In fact I didn't have special knowledge or experiences before joining Daito. Once I started working in the laboratory, I wanted to be a good engineer with craftsman ship who is trusted by our customers. Daito gave me many chances to realize my first goal. I went to the public institute and the graduate school to study special field. I also went to the university in the United States of America. Fortunately an opportunity to meet and talk with excellent colleagues in Daito encouraged me every time. These experiences created my personality and my mentality. If you keep having a goal, you can do everything. So, do not wait, take action and success in Daito.

We were born in Feb of 2010 in France

DAITO KASEI EUROPE (DKE) is a subsidiary of DAITO. Distributing & developing platform, DKE is covering all Europe, South & Central America & Africa. General manager since the creation of DKE in 2010, my goal has been and is still the development of the subsidiary accordingly to the global group strategy. As a general manager of DKE today, I am managing & coordinating different services like the sales, marketing, regulatory, R&D, sales administration, warehousing & accounting. I make sure that the group strategy is well respected.

Every day a new challenge

To me, the most important point of the job is the human relation. It is a position where you are permanently in contact with your managers, the mother company & key customers. I love these exchanges & my aim is to bring them satisfaction. I like to meet challenges: I have always liked the competition & our aim is to do simply better than the day before. As a manager, I have to bring all my team into this competition which makes the challenges greater. I love the diversity of my job: in one day or week, you can switch to a great variety of work, experience different cultures & languages.

A creative, dynamic, trustful company with accessible people

DAITO is a family and a human scale company. High importance is given to human relationship internally & externally. DAITO is an innovative company always listening the needs of the customers & market. DAITO has an excellent service giving priority to customer satisfaction. DAITO is a very dynamic & agile company: Decisions can be taken quickly if needed. At last Daito is a challenging company where nothing is impossible. All action & strategy are driven with honesty, modesty & integrity.