Happiness, Awe and Surprise


Company Profile

Head Office 1-6-28 Akagawa, Asahi-ku, Osaka 535-0005
Foundation 1950/2/1
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Executives President Representative Director Yoshinori WAKI
Executive Director Takumi TANAKA
Director Chisato NAGAMINE
Part-time Auditor Juta TAKAMATSU
Number of employees 200
Organization Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association, The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan, Tokyo/West-Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, Kinki Cosmetic Materials Association, Japan Society of Colour Materials etc.
Divisions Chemical Division

Company History

Manufacturing Organic/Inorganic Pigments
1930 As YODOGAWA PIGMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY, production of dyeing lake and Azo lake was started.
During war, YODOGAWA PIGMENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY and other 13 companies were integrated and worked as TEIKOKU PIGMENT KOGYO.
1945 After the war, continuing business as TAIYO KASEI KOGYO Yodogawa Factory.
1950 The first president, Yasujiro FUKUMOTO succeeded to TAIYO KASEI KOGYO Yodogawa Factory with a capital of 1,350,000 yen and established DAITO KASEI KOGYO CO., LTD. in Asahi-ku, Osaka. The company started manufacturing Organic and Inorganic Pigment.
INK - Special Gravure Ink
1952 The Company succeeded in developing Special Gravure Ink.
1956 The capital was increased to 7,000,000 yen.
1961 Higashi Osaka Factory was established for the manufacturing base of Ink.
1963 The capital was increased to 10,000,000 yen.
PLASTIC - Master Batch and Coloring
1964 Mikio WAKI became 2nd president.
1965 Suita Factory was established for Plastic division in Osaka, and started manufacturing colored polycarbonate, polyester resin, and master batch.
1969 Shikoku Factory was established for Ink division in Ehime prefecture.
1972 The capital was increased to 30,000,000 yen.
1977 Head Office was established in Osaka, and R&D was rebuilt at the same time.
1981 Okayama Factory (Plastic) was established for Plastic division.
1984 The capital was increased to 50,000,000 yen by receiving investment from Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
1985 35th anniversary of the foundation. Okayama Factory was established due to the expansion of Plastic division.
1988 Tokyo branch was established.
1988 Suita Factory was closed, following the opening of Okayama factory.
COSMETICS - Surface Treatment and Other Unique Pigments
1990 As we commemorated our 40th anniversary, Osaka head office and factory were completed. We started manufacturing surface treatment powders for cosmetics.
1992 Okayama 1st Factory (Chemical) was established.
1994 We participated in IFSCC in Venice.
1996 Invested in Okayama Factory (Plastic).
1997 Okayama 2nd Factory (Chemical) was established.
1998 Set up "Application Development Group" for the purpose of checking effects and usage of our products.
2000 Celebrated 50th anniversary.
2001 Warehouse for Chemicals was established in Okayama Factory.
2002 Shikoku Factory was closed to concentrate the Ink dvivision activity in Higashi Osaka Factory.
2004 Operated Fukui 1st Factory (Chemical) in Fukui to avoid the risk of natural disasters.
2006 Fukui 2nd Factory (Chemical) was established.
2007 Started CERIGUARD (Cerium Oxides) business in Niigata Factory.
2008 Started selling world's smallest size of shot media "DAITO Blast #400". We enhanced dispersion business in association with Chemical, Plastic, and Ink divisions.
2009 Started developing a production technology for SACRAN (extracts of Suizenji nori; Aphanothece Sacrum)
Challenging - Overseas Subsidiaries
2010 Yoshinori WAKI became 3rd president. Celebrated 60th anniversary.
DAITO KASEI EUROPE SAS was established in the suburban of Paris, FRANCE.
2012 DAITO KASEI CHINA was established in Shanghai, CHINA.
2013 Started preparing ISO 9001.
DAITO KASEI CHINA business operation in Chinese market were started as the General Tax Payer was acquired.
2014 Got the ISO 9001(2008) certification. Admitted section: Okayama Factory (Chemicals), Fukui Factory, Sales for Chemicals, General Affairs Division, Manufacturing and Development Group, Quality Evaluation Group.
2015 DAITO KASEI INDUSTRIES FRANCE (DKIF) started to operate - our First Overseas Manufacturing Site.
2016 Warehouse for Chemicals, compliant with cosmetic ingredients GMP, was established in Fukui Factory.
2017 ISO 9001(2015) certified.
2018 Started preparing, in order to manufacture and sell products which comply with quality standard of cosmetic ingredients GMP(EFfCI: EU standard).

ForerunnerManufacturing Organic/Inorganic Pigments

First-generationThe Origin of DAITO KASEI KOGYO

Second-generationINK - Special Gravure Ink

Third-generationPLASTIC - Master Batch and Coloring

Fourth-generationCOSMETICS - Surface Treatment and Other Unique Pigments

Fifth-generationChallenging - Overseas Subsidiaries