A two-group organization to cultivate innovation and know-how.

Our research group and formulation development group work together to fulfil our customers’ needs and help them shape their future projects.

Research & Development

Research group

DAITO KASEI is before all a manufacturing company. However, many ingredients developed by our research group with our original technology are not necessarily meant be commercialized right away. Developing ingredients is also a way for us to cultivate our know-how, improve our technology and in the end provide our customers with better solutions. We believe this is the very purpose of having advanced technological capabilities.

Research & Development

Formulation development group

Newly developed ingredients always undergo a practical evaluation process. Our developers test the products on their own skin rather than animals giving them truly first-hand knowledge of the effects. It is also capital to find how best to use these ingredients and to evaluate their stability over time in the harshest storage conditions.

Presentation at the IFSCC

Despite strict screening, DAITO KASEI has been able to participate in many IFSCC (International Federation Society of Cosmetic Chemists) congresses since our first participation in the Venice congress of 1994.

<Presentations at the IFSCC (last 10 years)>

2010 Buenos Aires
(Argentine Republic)
The Novel Bio-Origin, Mannosylerthritol Lipid, Surface Treated Pigments And Its Application For Make-up Cosmetics
Highly Water dispersible Novel Hybrid Surface Treated Pigments
Unique “Gradation” Make-up Products with Multi-layer Microcapsules containing Color Pigments
Application of Spherical Silica/Planar Hybrid Powder Particles with Hydroxypropylcellulose to Make-up cosmetics
2014 Paris
Novel soft touch spherical beads from methyl (di-/tri-)methoxysilane,using easy aqueous solution reaction
Advantage of Surface Treated Pigments for Wet Slurry Pressing Method
Influence of Various Unique Shaped Materials on Mascara Performance
Morphological control of Zinc Oxide and Application to Cosmetics
Potential use of a novel polysaccharide as a skin care material for atopic dermatitis
2015 Zurich
Development of the novel polyacrylic ester beads which excelled in moisture retention, mixture stability and application to cosmetics
Effect of sacran on human skin and a possibility of the applicability to the cosmetics of sacran/polyol composites
2016 Orlando
(the US)
Unique “Shape Retaining Function” of Biodegradable Fiber, and its Application for Mascara Formulation 
Development of Novel Make-up Powder Cosmetics Prepared by Simple Dry Pressing Process, Showing the Advantages from Wet Slurry Pressing Process
Development of the non-spherical polylactic acid powder and application to cosmetics
The unique emulsification property of the pigments treated with amphiphilic compounds and their application to cosmetics
The new proposal of a feeling evaluation system for surface treated pigments
2017 Seoul
Sacran, a natural polysaccharide, functions to defend the skin against air pollutants
2018 Munich
Development of the transparent huge size emulsion using novel super hydrophilic cellulose beads
A proposal for make-up products with anti-pollution effects
-Skin protection of Sacran-treated powders against tobacco-smoke-
Frictional and tactile analysis for cosmetic powders focused on SHITTORI touch feeling
Texture affects the optical properties and pore- and wrinkle-covering effect

Presentations at other academic conferences

<The 19th International Cyclodextrin Symposiu>

2018 Tokyo Solubilization of ultraviolet absorbers by cyclodextrin and application for cosmetics

<2nd IPCE (Intercontinental Personal Care Excellence) Conference>

Sacran, a Natural Polysaccharide, Functions to Defend The Skin against Air Pollutants