『Egao no Mori -DAITO KASEI-』


“Egao no Mori -DAITO KASEI -“ 

As part of our global CSR policy, we will support traditional sustainable charcoal production by using and promoting raw materials based on Bincho-Tan(Ubame-Gashi) and only harvested according to traditional selective cutting method.
We participated to the signing ceremony on December 14th in the presence of the governor of Wakayama prefecture and the Mayor of Tanabe. We will protect the forest from May 2018 to 10 years such as picking undergrowth and planting trees.


We have given the following name to this forest area:
“Egao no Mori -DAITO KASEI -“

Egao means Smiling.
Mori means Forest.
Thus “Egao no Mori” means: this forest brings happiness to everybody and we can keep on smiling in this forest. Now everybody knows “the secret of our Charcoal”.


▼Signing ceremony on December 14th at Wakayama