Nominated for a CITE JAPAN 2023 AWARD!!


SACRAN was nominated in the environmental category of the "CITE Award" planned by CITE JAPAN 2023!

The environmental category of the "CITE Award" is for products that focus on product development and technological innovation with an emphasis on the sustainable use of resources.

We are very pleased to be nominated for such a great award and to have the opportunity to present SACRAN.


CITE JAPAN 2023 Award | CITE JAPAN 2023


During the exhibition, panels introducing SACRAN will be displayed in the Awards Corner (in the North Exhibition Hall),

Please take a look.



Protect nature, Protect skin, "SACRAN"

SACRAN is extracted from suizenjinori, an algae that only grows in the pure water springs located at the foot of Mt.Aso volcano in Kumamoto prefecture. It gives not only for moisturizing effect for skin but also barrier function to protect skin from cigarette smoke or automobile exhaust. It is possible to add good features for skin care products to protect sensitive skin.



     Date    :17th  ~ 19th May

     Venue:Pacifico Yokohama, Exhibition hall

   Open hours:10:00 ~ 17:00 *Will close at 16:00 on the last day.

     Booth    :D17-06

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