For a happier work environment



A word from our administration department

 Yasuyuki OGAWA


There is an ongoing and global revolution in the way people work.

At DAITO KASEI, we are carrying out this revolution day by day by devising improvements in the work environment.

Mr. OGAWA and Ms. KUROKI discuss our corporate policy on employee benefits.





Employment benefits


At DAITO KASEI, we are striving to improve our employees’ working environment. We notably set up employment benefits and our new policy projects are also regularly evaluated for implementation. We want employees to be fulfilled and happy and to do so it is necessary to maintain a safe and motivating environment. 




Good working conditions do matter not only for employees but also for their families who need a sense of security as well. This is why our company offers financial aid for influenza vaccination to employees and their families. We also let them decide if they want to contribute to a private pension plan in addition to the regular public one. These are ways we support our employees and their families in the long run.


We have also created clubs in order to foster connections between employees that go beyond their work. Club activities range from skiing, snowboarding and golf and to caring for a vegetable garden and even making plum wine and miso paste. We believe these activities and the bonds that they create have a positive impact on business too. 


Thanks to these policies, we have been able to create a harmonious corporate culture for the benefit of all our employees. Among other things, we have witnessed an improvement in communication between departments. We believe that improved employee relations lead to improved overall quality of both the work environment and our products. 





100% return of female employees after maternity leave - Building a woman-friendly workplace.


To date, 100% of our female employees who took childcare or maternity leave have resumed work at Daito Kasei afterward. We also offer reduced work hours for parents which makes it easier to pick up children at school and participate in school open house events. Employees are also free to take a day-off if they or their children are sick.


This work culture is possible not only because of corporate rules but also because our employees have a deep understanding of their coworkers’ family obligations. There is a real spirit of mutual assistance.

Another thing that explains why female coworkers resume work after childcare / maternity leave is the fact they are able to return to their position and pursue their career as if they never left.

 Daito Kasei employees, both men and women, feel free to take vacations because they do not feel any pressure not to do so as was common in Japanese companies in the past. 





Let the younger generations build their future – Youth Yell certification



In 2017, DAITO KASEI received Youth Yell Certification from the ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for its policy regarding youth employment and training as well as for its enviable recruitment system. Due to the strict criteria, very few companies are awarded this certification. DAITO KASEI is only the 12th company in Osaka to have succeeded.


Among other statistics:

  • The turnover rate of new graduates hired as full-time employees who leave before the third year is as low as 20%
  • More than 75% of our female employees took childcare leave in the past 3 years as well as one male employee.




Thanks to this certification, DAITO KASEI is able to participle in many more job fairs and to establish good conditions of employment. Owning Youth Yell certification provides many other benefits as well.


We really want to do our best to make the workplace as pleasant as possible for the younger employees who are the future of DAITO KASEI.







Keeping our workplace lively

Working in a lively place while staying motivated is possible only if employees stay sound in both mind and body. In order to achieve that, we arrange many activities and projects.




1. Yearly employee-family excursion


Once a year, DAITO KASEI’s employees organize an excursion in which their families are welcome to participate.








2.Supporting club activities



To support employees’ well-being, DAITO KASEI subsidizes many employee clubs such as the skiing, fishing and vegetable garden clubs, among others.





3.Company retreat


Once every few years, company retreats are organized. In 2015, we sent groups to Hokkaido, Singapore and Okinawa.